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Ever wanted recruitment advice on tap with a guaranteed discount when you want to hire?

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Sometimes you just need help to plan your recruitment strategy, it may be that you want to put together a plan for your hiring needs with a view to hiring staff in the future.

Our expert recruitment consultancy services are an extremely cost effective way to plan your company's future .

What kind of consultancy services do we offer?

  • Headcount Planning
  • Current salary rates for roles
  • Lead time advice (how long will it take to get the right person?)
  • Job Description's written for you
  • Job postings/ads written to attract the best talent
  • Interview assistance
  • Use of our interview/meeting rooms (if required)
  • Employment regulation advice
  • HR advice

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Guaranteed discounts, when you are ready to recruit, if you use our consultancy services.


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Wouldn't your hiring process benefit from an experienced Recruitment Partner?

You want to put together a great recruitment plan to take your company to the next level but your day to day HR duties take up so much of your time?

Recruitment businesses find you candidates but you seem to be doing a lot of the work alongside them.

As your Recruitment Partner Across-the-Board Recruitment Ltd will deliver to your plan.

Your account will be managed by one of our Directors, so you know that you will be getting years of business experience at your disposal.

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