Sometimes the only way to get on is to move on


You may have found that you have gone as far as you can in your current role, the next step may not be until someone retires or leaves, and you know that any pay rise you may get will be restricted to a few percent on your current earnings.

Your next career move should propel you to the next level if that is what you want.

​So if you are ready to make that move don't let the grass grow under your feet, contact us now on 01582 670635 or 01582 670636.

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Remember that recruitment agencies cannot charge you for finding you a job so you have nothing to lose.

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Here at Across-the-Board we do the job-hunting for you.

The best jobs do not get advertised because hiring managers have working relationships with recruiters and they simply call and ask us who is seeking a position like the one they are creating, or the vacancy that they have available.

We have a 'Talent Pool', people who have told us, in confidence, that they are looking for a job, or change of career. As a hiring manager approaches us we already know which of our talented people we should put forward.

To be included in our talent pool simply fill out the form on this page and attach your current CV, we do the rest.

We will actively seek out the job that you want, of course we will contact you to verify that what we have found is what you want.

It's our job to find you yours.

Don't put off 'till tomorrow what you can do today ​(proverb)

People not CV's

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