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Case Studies

​​​Here are just three of the many successful placements that we are proud to have worked on for our clients. 

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We understand that you are busy and that your time is valuable, especially when you may be under resourced. We want the interview process to be meaningful and produce the results you are looking for.

To help achieve this, we meet with our candidates to understand their goals and aspirations and the type of company they want to work for. We look deeper than the words on the CV, that way we can be sure that the candidates we send you are a great match to your business.

Someone once said "people are your greatest asset"......right idea but only great people are a great asset.

You Can Depend On Us To Find You The Best Talent Across-the-Board

Across-the-Board Recruitment deals with real people. The human factor is important to us because we know you want to employ a great person, not Just someone who can write a good CV. Our strap-line is People not CV's for a reason, it's an ethos we do our business by. 

We are independent, it's our business, that's why, where possible, we want to meet you face to face to start building a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

And because we don't have new team members come in for a few weeks and then suddenly leave you will be dealing with people you know for the long term.

We want to really get to know your business and its goals and aspirations so that we can offer you the talent that fits your needs today and into the future.

​You should only have to recruit once.

People not CV's

People not CV's

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Case Study 1

One of our clients with a telco business wanted a Telesales  Lead Generator. The hiring manager wanted someone who could sell the more basic products and services and make appointments for the higher value, more complex, solutions.

I am very aware of the business model and, having recruited hundreds of call centre staff, both sales and service, I knew exactly what was required. I set about looking for the ideal person, 87 CV's came through, I read them all, I called most of them, but no one fitted the role. I then started pro-actively searching for the right person, I came across a CV which simply said "I am a telesales person, I like selling because I like people", that was it, along with the name of the company and the dates, plus the contact details. I picked up the phone and called the number, within seconds I knew I had found the one, I would have bought anything from this lady. She was ready for a move, having worked from home for more years than she cared to remember. She was yearning to get back into an office environment with people around her, in her own words "I ain't getting any younger". 

We spoke about the role, what was required, what was expected, I explained the company ethos and the working environment. She liked what she heard and asked if I could set up an interview.

I contacted my client and explained the work I had done to track down this amazing candidate, I told him that I would send over the CV exactly as it was, not rewritten to include more information.

My client agreed to interview her, having wondered if I had lost the plot judging by the CV. He even showed it around the office and said look what Across-the-Board have sent me!

The day of the interview, my candidate turns up, on time, and is invited into the interview room. My client started the interview and then, as he does, said to the candidate, "go out there and tell all those people in the call centre a joke", she simply replied "I don't tell jokes" and got up and walked out of the door. 

My client sat in his office for fully five minutes, he wasn't sure if she had not liked being asked to tell a joke and had walked out of the building. Another couple of minutes passed and he thought, yea she's gone. So he walked out of his office and across to the open plan call centre, there he saw her sitting on the edge of a desk, just chatting away to an audience that had all pulled their chairs around to join in. My client offered her the job there and then, not his usual style.

She had made her first sale on her third day and her second on her fourth. She had made four appointments for the field sales engineers in that first week. Within the first four weeks she had started to sell more than people that had been there for months. She then went on to be the highest producing sales person in the business, and in the words of my client "the best sales person the business had ever seen" he added "one of the best I have ever seen in all my time as a sales manager".

She is still there two years later, running a team of sales people, loving every minute.

She contacts me from time to time to let me know how she is getting on, every time she thanks me for finding her the opportunity, every time I say it is me that needs to thank her for being such a star.

She is living proof that our strap line People not CV's is true when it comes to finding the right person for a role. This case also shows why we are not the kind of Recruiters that send over a pile of CV's and expect the hiring manager to read through them, we do that. If we only send one candidate, and that candidate is the right one, we have done our job exceptionally well.

Case Study 3

Our client, a members only club with a long tradition in a fairly conservative industry, was looking for a chef. The existing chef left at short notice, so we provided a temp to take care of an event that needed catering in the interim.

We had supplied this client with other staff and we knew the business. We also knew that they were not averse to bringing in new people to introduce some new thinking.

We scoured the area and the surrounds to find a chef that would bring his own ideas to the business. After much searching, calls and meetings with possible candidates, we were down to a shortlist of five that fitted the bill.  This client likes to see between three and five, so we were on the money. 

Interviews were set up and all, bar one (no-show), candidates armed with their presentations attended their first round interview.

The client loved all four, saying that we could send them along for an interview with any restaurant and they would be impressed. He especially liked two, and fed back to us that we had made his choice very difficult because he wanted them both, unfortunately he neither needed, nor had the capacity, for both.

Case Study 2

Our Client wanted a Business Administrator, along with all of the usual admin tasks he needed someone who could manage the relationship between the company and Openreach.

We advised on the salary, prepared the Job Description and posted the vacancy to our website and the job boards.

350 CV's came flooding in, I read them all, every single one. I called all that had the required experience and qualifications, I sent a polite email to those that didn't. 

Amongst all of those CV's, calls and emails, one candidate stood out, she had all of the skills, experience and qualifications required. She also had exactly the right personality and confidence to deal with engineers. My client interviewed her and within a week he made an offer of employment.

My client is delighted that he did not need to spend his precious time reading endless CV's and, in this case didn't even need to interview anyone else.

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