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Personal Career Coaching

This is a confidential and personal service for those of you who want to change your job but need to be discrete. You can't make, or receive, the necessary calls, and you certainly don't want to post your CV to the job finding sites where someone, that you really don't want to see it, may come across it.

Maybe you just don't have the time to research what is available or suitable, or simply want a professional career coach to offer advice and take the pain out of job hunting.

If so, this is the service for you.

This is not like the free services offered by us such as CV advice, job search advice or interview techniques, this is a complete end-to end, discrete, consultative career coaching service.

Maybe you have reached a crossroads in your career? Your success has been well earned and as a result you have been immersed in the company with no time to think about what to do next.

You may not even know what you want to do, what is out there? Who is looking for your skills and talent? What can your transferable skills bring you now that is different and challenging? What career path can you take that will stimulate you and reignite your passion?

It could be that you want to redress the work life balance, this has become a real buzz phrase over the past few years, but what does it mean in reality?

Your personal career coach will meet with you at a convenient time and at a place that suits you, your coach will discuss your career to date and find out what you have enjoyed so far and what your thoughts are on your next career move.

With a wealth of knowledge of the hiring market, what corporates, start-up's and growth companies are looking for in today's businesses leaders, your career coach will offer valuable and relevant advice and insight.

As a seasoned professional advisor your coach will give you sound advice to allow you to make an informed choice going forward.

Once we have agreed on the type of role, company, location and the all important salary and benefits package you require your professional career coach puts together your personal plan.

Then we get to work on your CV, successful people could easily have a CV that runs to a dozen pages, how do you get your entire career into just the two or three  pages everyone tells you it should be? The answer is you can't, what is needed is a CV individually tailored to each role. That way you can include what is relevant to the role without running the risk of losing the hiring managers interest with too much information which isn't relevant, no matter how great the achievement!

Your career coach will then research and discover jobs that match your requirements, make the necessary enquiries without the need to disclose your personal details.

Then at a convenient time for you the coach will discuss them with you, identifying those that you want to take forward  the coach will tailor your CV to each of those roles.

Then by acting as your personal agent will contact the employer or recruitment agency to get your CV noticed.

Your personal career coach will then further research the company or companies that you have interviews with and compile a concise report for you so that you are fully briefed and ready for the interview stage.

Chances are that you will not have been for an interview for many years? C-level jobs do not become available so often that you have time to practice in live interviews, your coach will have real insight into interview techniques employed by hirers in today's market and will prepare you fully.

This is a comprehensive service being offered to those who want to give themselves the competitive edge. 

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