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Here at Across-the-Board, we are dedicated to finding the right person for the right job at the right company.

As an independent recruitment business every hire really matters to us, we don't deal in numbers we deal with people. That is why so many hirers are choosing ATB as their recruitment partner of choice.

We believe the key to successful hiring is not about what's written on the CV, it's all about the person behind the words and what they have to offer. By ensuring that we have a deep understanding of the role and who would thrive in that role, we save both candidates and hiring managers hours of valuable time by getting the match right first time.

"We understand that a CV is just the start of the journey, we find people not CV's"

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People not CV's

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"As an REC member you are part of the team that's transforming our industry. You have demonstrated a commitment to driving up standards and professionalising recruitment.

You are also a member of a group that has proved they have what it takes to use the REC badge. The REC is the only professional body in the UK to require the businesses it represents to take a test as a prerequisite for membership, to investigate complaints from candidates and clients, and to expel the non-compliant."

What Sectors do Across-the-Board Recruit for?

  • Real intelligence not artificial intelligence
  • Technology has revolutionised recruitment we use REC accredited systems to gather our talent 
  • People matter to us - People are our business
  • We understand the need for a candidate to fit the role and the role to stimulate the candidate
  • We find great people so that you can get on with your job - we spend our time finding the right people not yours
  • We recruit across-the-board from the Boardroom to the shop floor - everyone matters in business
  • Attention to detail is our focus - the whole recruitment process with nothing left undone​​

Find the right candidate

Recruitment has been revolutionised by today's technology but it has made the task of finding the right person no easier for hiring managers. It's just so easy for anyone to apply for your role, hundreds of applications for a single  vacancy make finding that outstanding candidate the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Sometimes the skills and experience required mean that the number of candidates suitable for your role is minimal. Now you are searching for haystacks to find the needle in!!!!

We meet with our clients to get a real understanding of the company, the role and the type of candidate you really want for the vacancy.​​

We also meet with our candidates to understand them and ensure we only put them in front of you if they have what you are looking for. We may just have the person you need in our 'Talent Pool'.

So no more sorting through dozens of CV's, tracking down suitable candidates and then pinning them down to arrange an interview.

"If you think using a professional recruiter is expensive you are probably underestimating just how valuable your time is to your company"

Find the right job

How many interviews have you taken the time and effort to attend only to find that the role was not what you expected. You leave feeling that you wasted the hiring managers time and that you wasted your time too.

That is why we want to meet with you to understand exactly what you are looking for and the type of working environment you enjoy and thrive in. If that isn't possible we will spend time on a meaningful call with you, we won't be rushing to get you off the phone so that we can move onto something else.

Having spoken to you we can now advise on your CV, cover letter, salary expectations and future goals. We can match you to any vacancies that we have or are expecting in - if we have nothing we will tell you.

We will not send you to an interview just so that we can say we have, we will send you if we believe you have a genuine chance of success.

We have built our client relationships by sending the right people for the right job at the right company.

Our continued success is dependant on ensuring that we have done all we can to make sure that the interview process is productive for both you and our clients.

​Not every candidate will be successful at every interview, but we can at least make sure that you have a great chance.

You Talk...... We Listen

Across-the-Board Recruitment Ltd

Successfully placing people in the following Sectors and Roles:

  • Executives 
  • Managers (Multiple Sectors)
  • Operational Professionals
  • Programme and Project management
  • ICT - IT and Telecommunications
  • Sales (all levels)
  • Marketing (Digital & Traditional)
  • DevOps
  • Developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Hospitality (Head Chefs to waiters)
  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Administrators
  • Construction (managers, surveyors)
  • Business Analysts
  • Aerospace
  • ​Automotive

"The REC send us legal updates and compliance updates the moment they are introduced. We sit our compliance exams every two years, we have to achieve a 100% pass on the legal section to remain members. We have successfully passed again this year (2019).

​"We are totally committed to offering an exceptional experience to our candidates and clients. It will take more than just our agency to improve the image of recruitment in the UK but that doesn't mean that we can add to the bad press.

"Of course we have ambitions to grow the business, but we don't believe that means letting our standards slip, or relying on systems and playing the numbers game. We only employ consultants that do it our way, treat people as people, the way that they would want to be treated."

We are often asked “what sector do you work in?” Well the answer is that we are multi-sector – Why? Because, each of our Recruitment Consultants has their own unique background and so they specialise in their areas of expertise.

We have consultants with in-depth knowledge of Operations at all levels having reached director level in multi national companies. We have the same knowledge levels in Sales, Marketing, Telecoms, ICT, Wireless and utilities. We have specialists dealing in Hospitality, Logistics, Construction, Admin and Finance. There are a host of transferrable skills from within these sectors and we have hundreds of passive candidates in other sectors too, when they ask us to keep their details, in strictest confidence, why would we say no? They trust us to only contact them when one of our clients asks for their skill set, this can only be good for both clients and candidates. It just takes a quick call to find out if we have the right person for your vacancy and it costs nothing to ask, why wouldn't you?

What does REC Membership mean? 

Phil Neary - Director at Across-the-Board Recruitment Ltd said:

“It’s been great working with the team at ATB. We have had to recruit to two senior positions in the past 12 months and on both occasions, ATB have come up trumps in supplying excellent candidates who we were able to employ."

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